Consultancy Services


  • Positively supporting challenging behaviour - a complete and comprehensive positive behaviour management, support and planning service; can include service-user assessment and behaviour analysis, exploration of staff interactions, approaches and responses and development of behaviour support / management plans. Corresponding PBS training is also available (see training page)


  • Comprehensive assessment of service-users - this can be in relation to prospective admissions, or for reassessment purposes. If required, this can be followed up with corresponding care planning / behaviour planning / risk assessment etc (see below). Fees for assessment include production of an in-depth assessment report (typically 20 pages).


  • Care planning / risk assessment - ‘Stand alone’ work or to satisfy requirements of CQC / CSSIW (e.g. for ‘case tracking’ at inspection).


  • Condition-specific consultancy: workshops can be planned around the needs, impairments and condition of specific service-users (e.g. with Acquired Brain Injury, Dementia or Autistic Spectrum Disorder).


  • Independent Investigation - in relation to complaints, disciplinary issues or SOVA / POVA concerns.


  • Service Audit - for example, in relation to impending Care Standards input, or in response to critical inspection feedback from CSSIW / CQC. We can also focus on “troubleshooting” specific areas of concern, such as staffing problems, appropriate service-user support etc (see below).


  • Staffing and Management consultancy - Workplace mentoring (see over), addressing issues involving staff motivation, teamwork, recruitment, disciplinary matters etc.


  • Policy writing - creation of bespoke policy documents (e.g. challenging behaviour, disciplinary, etc).


  • Contract work - contract agreements can be set up for the above work.


  • Guest speaker - for example, at seminars or colleges.


For other consultancy requirements, do not hesitate to contact us. Consultancy or behaviour planning work is usually carried out over a number of sessions.


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