2020 Fees


At Del Harries Training & Consultancy, we are aware that many social care services are now operating within tight budgetary constraints.

Because we are a very small family business with reasonable overheads, we are able to offer services at a daily rate often half of that of some of our larger competitors.

We are proud to offer a personal and high-quality, personalised service at a reasonable and realistic price.



Training Workshops


Fees are arranged on a per-day basis, as follows:


Group fees start from £450 per day.


NB Fee includes all trainer’s expenses / travel costs for up to 300 miles “round trip”, and all training materials, including handouts, certificates etc.


There is no minimum size for groups. The ideal maximum size for training groups would be around fifteen attendees.  Fees can be arranged on a per-person basis if required.


Cost of any room hire may be extra if not provided by the purchaser, venues can be provided at a negotiable fee.


Fees for larger groups, different locations etc are negotiable.



Consultancy fees


We undertake advisory and consultancy work - such as for service-user specific work / behaviour support planning / assessment etc - at negotiable rates, starting from £475 per day.


We review our fees annually.


Contact us for a quote / informal discussion.