We see feedback as one of the most crucial tools in helping us deliver a quality service. As a direct result of customer comments and suggestions, we are able to offer a training & consultancy that is constantly evolving, improving and updating.


Listed below is a selection of feedback comments from customers of Del Harries Training & Consultancy:


'Delivered in a way that really promoted discussions'


'Really informative - I believe I will now approach situations with a clearer mind'


'Well presented, at a very good pace - a very knowledgeable teacher'


'Trainer very confident, made it really enjoyable with a few laughs along the way!'


'I have really enjoyed this course, so informative and helpful'


'Interactive and useful - pitched at the appropriate level'


'Excellent facilitator - very approachable'   'Well-presented and explained'


'Easy to follow'  'Very clear and to the point'  'Handouts and group discussions useful'


'Informative and relevant'


‘Great atmosphere’ ‘A good teamwork building session’


‘Made everyone relax so all took an active part’


‘Interesting, good pace and involvement of people in discussion’


‘A good course; nice to hear someone speak honestly


‘All subjects were covered fully’


‘Brilliant course - a real eye opener!’


‘The course was very helpful - better than many I’ve been on in the past!’


‘I learnt a lot. The course was really relaxed, fun and enjoyable!’


‘No pressure put on anyone; all were treated as equals’